Summer Tips

Beware of summer.

If you have worms in direct sunlight, expect to loose the lot.  Humidity and direct heat will push up temperatures and your worms will die.

Keep them out of sunlight or warm spots this time of year.  If you have small compact bins like me, i keep it under the table indoors!

To get rid of pests inside and outside the bin, cook any fruit and veg before it goes into the bin.  A couple of minutes in the microwave will kill off any insects or eggs.  Remember to let it cool down completely before you put it in the bin!

Use the chalk you buy in supermarkets that they claim gets rid of cockroaches.  It works like a bomb on ants, and just draw a crayon line on the bottom of the outside bin.  Ants won’t get in – promise.

DO NOT WET THE CONTENTS of the bin!  Should you suspect excessive wet conditions, put dry newspaper shreds in the bottom – tip the worms onto newspaper sheets or a black bag, add the dry shreds to the bottom and return the worms.  The water will soon be absorbed. 

Use lots of very fine eggshells in your bins right now.  This is important for pH balance, especially when the food ferments a bit in the bin.

A tablespoon of honey, with a tablespoon water added, and then poured into the bin, along the edges, will calm the nerves, and make a happy worm.

Remember loads of rooibos teabags.  This makes them feel safe and they lay their eggs in there like crazy!

Make some mieliepap for them.  Once it is cooled completely, you dig a hole in the bin and put the pap in there.  They love pap.  Not to much, it will ferment if they can’t finish it all in a couple of days.


3 Responses to Summer Tips

  1. Gaynor sê:

    What else could I use instead of egg shells for the pH balance – I don’t eat eggs! Do you use dry rooibos tea bags – whole or torn open?

  2. Skoor sê:

    Ask for eggshells at a restaurant or ask your neighbours.

    Teabags: used, washed (if any sugar and milk are present) and just addes to the bin. The worms will do the rest.

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